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The Pinnacle background check system is designed with the client in mind.  We work to improve the on-boarding process and ease the burden of HR professionals. Our user friendly system allows clients to submit requests themselves, or send an email to the applicant for them to fill out their personal information.  We’ve automated compliance with an electronic disclosure and authorization form and electronic notifications to help keep it straight. 

How it Works

Our Certified FCRA experts have created a system with highly trained investigators delivering, accurate, timely, and compliant background reports to help you build a safe, secure workplace. We take pride in our industry best client services; we like what we do and it shows. If you have a question on a specific report, you can talk to the investigator who worked that report. Questions on anything about the background screening process, you can talk with any of our experts.  We never outsource or offshore our work and you can always reach us when you need us.

Pinnacle only offers FCRA compliant background checks.  We work hard to make sure you are protected against the dangers of negligent hiring while protecting the rights of the applicant and thus protecting our clients from costly litigation.

To provide a comprehensive picture of your applicant’s criminal history Pinnacle researches the applicant’s identity, all aliases and determines the locations in which the applicant has lived. This provides names & locations to be searched for criminal and civil records (this is why a legally compliant criminal check MUST include a SSN Trace). Our comprehensive investigation starts with associating the provided social security number (SSN Trace) to the actual applicant. Rather than relying solely on the applicant to “tell the truth” and provide their aliases and addresses, our experienced investigators research various databases to independently develop names, aliases and address history and then thoroughly research criminal records for every name and location. Pinnacle researches current criminal records at the local, county and state-wide level, along with Federal Court checks for a flat fee. Many companies charge a fee for each name and location searched. Pinnacle searches ALL names and ALL locations for one flat fee. This becomes important because the average applicant has lived in 3 locations. In addition, aliases and altered dates of birth are common methods utilized to avoid disclosure of a criminal past.

*Court fees and other associated fees are passed through to the client



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