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Companies Making a Difference

Author: Pinnacle Investigations

While it was inevitable we would start to see the divisive nature of fringe groups begin to grab the headlines during this time when very difficult decisions are being made for the health of the country, we at Pinnacle Investigations have seen the true nature of our country through the generosity, ingenuity, and compassion that define our true nature.  Pinnacle employees worked to take the right steps early and move our operations offsite in an effort to flatten the curve and help prevent hospitals from getting overrun with Covid-19 cases.  Our investigators have been able to continue offering the same great service with no problems.  

Our experience with the great response to this pandemic doesn’t stop at our own payroll though, we see it in our clients and partners too.  Energy clients like Dominion Energy announced early on they would commit to keeping the power on during this national emergency.  This isn’t just about making sure maintenance crews are still working, it also means a commitment to keep the power on for those who are having difficulties paying their bills.  This commitment is to be celebrated as this ensures people who are staying in place will have the power on so they can cook, do schoolwork, and even relax in front of the television for a much-needed release from the reality of the Coronavirus.

Percussonaire, a company in Sandpoint, ID, which designs and manufactures ventilators, has ramped up production from about 100 per month to 3000 and was able to ship 1000 to fulfill a request in California last week through a partnership with Daher Aircraft to get them delivered quickly.  Percussonaire is now on track to hit the 6000 mark this month.  A truly heroic display of American ingenuity and compassion in the face of adversity.

Interim Healthcare, a premier home healthcare provider with hundreds of locations across the country, continues to serve our most vulnerable population with the in-home healthcare they need.  Interim has taken on additional responsibilities during this time.  Providers are not only tending to the primary health concerns of their patients; they have added a front-line defense strategy that includes early identification of COVID-19 symptoms.  Caregivers are also disinfecting households, running errands to the store and pharmacy to limit the exposure of their patients, and when necessary, creating an isolation area in the home when someone is sick, and others live in the home.  Interim Healthcare has responded quickly to make sure its providers are trained and capable of addressing the pandemic on the front lines – these people are heroes and deserve the recognition of us all.  

We also work with many municipalities that are working overtime to keep their communities safe. Keeping the water on for those who have had trouble keeping up with bills, working with local resources like food banks, hospitals, and volunteer organizations to make sure the most at-risk residents are not forgotten in this trying time.  Perhaps most important, we see these local public servants organizing with health officials to maintain a steady stream of good, local information like where testing sites are open, where to find the help you need, and a true assessment of the local response to the pandemic.  Initiatives like “Hunker Down Anchor Town” in Anchorage, AK have flattened the curve there and the Municipality of Anchorage has dedicated their website to good, usable information.  As many would use this time for partisan politics and misinformation, we have seen time and again the local governments addressing the real concerns of their community with compassion.

These are just a sampling of the inspiring stories of hope we have come across in our business.  There are many more, and across this country, people continue to amaze with their compassion and the drive to conquer any adversity we may encounter.  It is important to remind ourselves we are in this together and will persevere together just as we have since the inception of this great country.  Pinnacle is proud to be partnered with so many great companies, some who are working through the pandemic as essential businesses and others who are primed to jump-start the economy when it is safe to do so.

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