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COVID-19 Update from Pinnacle

Author: Pinnacle Investigations

Yesterday, in a new reality of remote meetings (no, there were no tweet-worthy backgrounds), we were talking about our clients who are racing to fill positions in industries of vital importance during this time when most of us are working remote or possibly not working at all while hoping against hope the jobs will come back. 

We are processing reports for those on the front lines of treatment in healthcare and first responders.  We are also seeing regular submissions from those maintaining our critical infrastructure like energy, municipal concerns, and much needed services. 

At Pinnacle, we understand the need for most of us to shelter in place and do our part to flatten the curve – this is the only way we can beat this pandemic and ensure the best treatment for those afflicted.  This is why we were early to move to remote work and have continued to work as a team from our respective locations. 

As we post fun pet pictures and ponder new ways to prepare mac and cheese, we recognize and offer our heartfelt thanks to those who are working to answer our daily needs.  Grocery store workers keeping us stocked on the necessities, those working to keep our power on  so we can work remotely with such ease (not to mention the ability to stream such things as the Tiger King which might otherwise have gone unnoticed), and of course, all of our healthcare providers who are fighting this fight on the front lines to selflessly care for us all.  All of these people put themselves at risk every day and that is not lost on us.

We are doing our part to help these organizations keep up with staffing needs while maintaining a safe, secure workplace.  From home health and hospitals, city governments, to critical service providers and nuclear generation plants, we are maintaining our services to help these companies fill much-needed positions as quickly as possible. 

At Pinnacle, we are offering our thoughts and prayers to those battling this virus and the people who serve them directly and for all of us doing our part to get back to normalcy as quick as we can. 

Stay safe, stay well.


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