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Pinnacle's COVID-19 Response

Author: Pinnacle Investigations

On March 16 Pinnacle Investigations took the bold step of activating our business continuity plan.  Though we had a comprehensive plan in place for the event of fire, weather, and the whole litany of natural disasters, our spent a considerable amount of time adapting the plan to fit the needs presented by this unprecedented event. 

Sandy Brewer, our president, deliberated our options and decided Pinnacle’s best option to protect our employees and our community was to move operations off-site and allow our investigators to work remotely.  We feel this is the best way to help flatten the curve and help to manage this pandemic through best practices. While not every company has the option to move off-site while maintaining business continuity; we applaud those who have joined us in doing so. 

Making the move to allow our staff to work remotely means our clients have experienced no delays; including our nuclear generation clients who are currently in an outage season when required maintenance is performed.  Pinnacle has continued to support these clients as they work to ensure America’s largest source of carbon free energy continues to flow as we all shelter in place. 

We can thank the foresight of the leadership at Pinnacle for building a system which allows this kind of flexibility, and our dedicated investigators for having the flexibility and the work ethic to execute this plan and continue to serve our clients.  As a company, we remain dedicated to helping our clients build a safe, secure workplace. Throughout this pandemic we will continue to serve our critical infrastructure clients like energy and healthcare and when America is ready to get back to daily operations, Pinnacle will be ready to assist.

As a people, we are resolute and have never backed away from adversity; we will come together to keep our country strong and Pinnacle will always do our part in that effort. 

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